Vikings, Aarhus, Denmark

WonderingViking is well travelled, curious and interested in working with you and your organisation. With three decades of travel below the belt he is hardly a newbie and has wondered through minefields, fed sharks and gotten stuck in snow. He approaches the world with an open mind and knows that there is more to everything than meets the eye at first glance. Going behind the headlines to get a first-hand account, discovering the nuances and dig deep for understanding is his MO. We are not all the same but most of us share human values even if we have different skin colours, ethnicity, religion or political convictions. To share insights by talking to the guy on the ground is where many stories are found.

WonderingViking offers the perspective and voice of maturity with an open mind driven by curiosity. Working in Video, Photography and Text allows flexibility and multiple channels for a wide reach. Please do not hesitate to reach out to explore the possibilities.

This is just the beginning:


Front of the book or blog post
• 300 words
• 1 picture
• Facebook mention
• Instagram

300 Euros


A blogpost or a print spread
• 800 words
• 4 pictures
• Facebook mention
• Instagram

1000 Euros


A long or multipart blogpost or full feature story
• 1500 words
• 10 pictures
• Facebook mention
• Instagram

2250 Euros


• All images licensed for web use 1080 px longest side.
• Video (4k) 30-60 seconds 300 Euros
• Additional words 0.50 Euros/word
• Additional pictures 100 Euros/each
• HighRes (min 5000 px longest side)pictures 200 Euros / each

All prices ex VAT and travel expenses

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