Canyon de Chelly

The road into the Navajo nation lead by the Shopping Center, by Gas Max, through Yah-Ta Hey, by Banana Ridge Wash, Navajo Mission Christian Academy, Gods House Church and Bread of Life Baptist Church before entering Arizona.

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White House Trail

The valley is for Navajo’s or guided tours only, except for the White House Trail. My boots are getting dusty and red brown as I make my way down towards the river. A young boy jumps between rocks as his German father living in Brooklyn capture the moment. Through two tunnels and then the sandy grassy valley floor is under my feet. The river that carved it all runs alongside the trail or likely the other way around. A bridge get hikers across the slow flowing green water to the opposite side and before long face the cliff dwelling. A mesh fence separate visitors from the White House named after a patch of paint on the first floor of the building. Doubling back I stop to enjoy the view of a Navajo family swimming in the river. An idyllic scene as it may have been hundreds of years ago. I pant here and there in the switchbacks heading up. At the top another bird’s eyes view of the White house. A group on horseback cast long slow-moving shadows along a trail on the valley floor.

America First

America First - the project sprung up after Donald Trump had been elected after one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in US history. I had lived in the US and worked there on and off across the country for 20 years. But I had not ever crossed it in one go “from sea to shining sea”. I set off from New Jersey on the last day of March, drove 5000 miles through 12 states to California and doubled back to New York to end the journey 40 days later. I spoke to American’s immigrants, natives, gays, Christians and observed the country from the driver’s seat; in the Walmart isles; the battlefields which united; the rivers that divided; the deserts of legends to the Golden State. The experience became

E-book, 242 pages, 185 pictures


242 pages, 185 pictures, e-book

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America First
America First
America First - Cover

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