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“The proof is in the pudding” the saying goes but it is one place where it even more prevalent and beyond a shadow of a doubt, in your DNA.

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It is within you, the real secrets of your origin lie. The Wondering Viking in me really wanted to find out what he is made of so I decided to test myself. This is a short unboxing (my first) video of the Ancestry DNA kit and getting it ready for shipment to the lab. I am not trying to offend anyone but it involves spitting in a vial and sending a saliva sample across the world to have the sample analyzed. To take the sample was as simple as this 2 minute video, see for yourself how easy it is to get to know yourself a lot better. Spoiler alert. Be prepared for a very eager wait to get the results which will arrive weeks later in an e-mail. Then your undisputable genetic ancestry will be revealed. But wait there is more. Thereafter you can also download the “raw data” which to me as layman was a large bunch of goobbeliguk only a geneticist would understand. However this can be fed into one or more databases which will decipher it into plain English and you will know a whole lot more about yourself. Second Spoiler alert. It can become addictive (which may be a personality treat) to be uncovered.

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